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Money Boxes are an important part of any special occasion. What you see here is just a sample of what you can order.  I can incorporate your colors and/or flowers, or recreate your wedding invitation onto the gift card box.  Place an order for what you see or contact me to design something just for you.  

If you want me to create a unique design for you then please e-mail me your name, address, need by date, personalization, colors and design you have in mind or send me a photo of your invitation or ideas. If you like one of my designs just the way it is you can contact me and I will get started on it as soon as payment is made. I will send you an invoice through PayPal detailing everything you want.  You can still change colors and let me know what personalization you want on the box at no extra charge.



Rhinestone money box

 rhinestone money box with satin ribbonrhinestone money box with silver ribbon

rhinestone money box with pink satin ribbon

G1401 - Rhinestone Covered Money Box - This round money box is painted silver with four different sizes of rhinestones decorating around the top sides of the gift card box. You can get the bottom rim plain or for an added fee add a sophisticated touch of ribbon. $48 plus shipping for plain bottom box.  $52 plus shipping for ribbon added to bottom rim.  Please Contact Karen to discuss color combination and personalization. 


Blue and Yellow Gift Card Box

G1303 - BLUE AND YELLOW GIFT CARD BOX.  A 14" round money box painted white with a bright blue and yellow floral design. Colors can be changed at no added charge. Personalization is also free. Contact Karen to place an order and/or discuss your design requirements.  This box will hold approximately 75 gift cards. $48 plus shipping.


 black leaves on ivory 

G0112-Leaf Pattern Money Box - Sample depicted is a 14" round gift card box that is painted cream with a black leaf pattern. The lid is also painted a solid black and the personalization would be done in ivory. A slot is entered in the lid to accept your reception gift cards.

Colors can be changed at no extra cost and the personalization on the lid of the gift card box is also done for free.

Please Contact Karen to discuss your personalization and color requirements and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

A 14" round money box will hold approximately 75 gift cards.

$48 plus shipping.

 Black and White Dot Cake            Black Polka Dots On White With Matching Trim

G1108 - Black Dots On White Money Box. White background with hand painted black dots gift card box matches this wedding cake. Set the money box next to your cake on the cake table to finish the table decoration. Personalization is added to the top of the box. A 14" round money box will hold approximately 75 cards. Colors can be changed to meet your needs. $48 plus shipping.   Contact Karen to discuss colors and personalization.

   GG G 

blue floral money box

G0408 - Blue Floral Money Box.  This money box is a duplication from a wedding invitation. The background is off white and the blue is a bright blue. Colors can be changed to meet your needs at no extra charge. $48 plus shipping. Contact Karen 



G1708 - Field Of Wheat Money Box. The sample gift card box depicted in the photo is a 9" square box. The background is painted a terra cotta and the wheat is cream.  You can change the colors to match the colors of your event. Be sure to include what colors you want along with the personalization when placing an order. This 9" box will hold approximately 50 gift cards. You can also have this pattern painted on a larger box.  $32 plus shipping. To discuss colors and any changes you want click this link - Contact Karen



G1208 - Oval Love Birds Money Box. What better way to compliment two love birds than to have two love birds painted on a money box. The pattern is duplicated from stationery that is available on the web at other sites. This deep oval money box will hold 100 gift cards easily. It is 12" wide and 10" deep. The sample box has a background of ivory and the love birds can be painted to match your wedding colors. The leaves are painted in copper and gold.  Contact Karen to discuss what colors you want and what you want written on the lid. THIS OVAL SHAPE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. THE DESIGN CAN BE DONE ON OTHER SHAPES.

Lavendar Love Birds Money Box

I am showing another color pattern so you can see that colors can be changed to fit your needs.

$48 plus shipping.

G1308 - Shamrock Money BoxYou don't have to be Irish to want to experience the good luck that a shamrock brings. This delicate shamrock pattern graces the lid and around the bottom of the box in green shamrocks with small hearts inside each petal. The background can be ivory or white. Choose a 14" round - $48 14" square - $48. 

The 14" round boxes holds approx. 75 gift cards and the square holds approximately 100 gift cards. Shipping is not included in the price. Contact Karen to have the shipping calculated to your zip code and to provide personalization information.

                                          damask print gift card box   

G0608 - Damask Print Money Box. This 14" gift card box is hand drawn and painted in a detailed damask print. The box will hold up to approx. 75 gift cards. Allow 3 weeks. Change the colors to fit your occasion.  $62.00 plus shipping.   Contact Karen

       Daffodil and Iris Gift Card Box 

G1608 - Daffodils and Iris Money Box. This box is a duplicate of a wedding invitation found on other wedding invitation sites. I would be happy to duplicate your event cake or invitation.  $48 plus shipping.   Contact Karen


G0708 - Sunflowers.  The background of this box is off white, the inside is red to match the ribbon that is painted on the lid and the cording.  The lettering is also done in red with a touch of black to highlight.   14" money box holds approx. 75 cards.  The color of the painted ribbon can be changed at no extra cost as well as the inside of the box. $52.00 plus shippingContact Karen.  Cording on the box is no longer available.


G0808 - Lily Of The ValleyThis is just a sample of what can be done on a box using the bridal colors and flowers.  This isn't a money box but a keepsake box.  No slot was used so the bride's wedding veil can be stored here or anything else from the wedding.  A slot can be added at no extra charge.  14" money box holds approx. 75 cards.  $52.00 plus shipping. Contact Karen.  Colors can be changed at no extra cost.



G0908 - Calla Lilies On Black.  This box is simple and elegant.  The background is black with bright red Calla Lilies on the top.  The writing is in gold, the inside of the box. This is a keepsake box, but can be made into a money box.  14" round money box holds approx. 75 cards.  $52.00 plus shipping.   Please select what color lily you want.  Contact Karen. Cording is no longer available on this box.

                            Die Money Boxes 

G1008 - Die Wedding Money Box.  This gift card box is a 9" square and perfect for a small wedding or party.  It will hold approx. 50 regular sized gift cards.  Choose from  white, red or black for the inside of the box and the writing.  $32 plus shipping.   Contact Karen     


 Refund policy:  If you are unhappy with your order, please notify me immediately upon receipt of your order. I can issue a  refund on orders that are damaged or defective and that are not customized less the shipping costs.

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Please go to the Contact Karen Page for inquiries and to place an order.  Thank you - Karen